7 Seas Divers is well known for its customer service, organized, friendly and family like environment. Our goal is to provide satisfaction and unforgettable experience for regular guests and newcomers so they will come back again and again for more adventure and fun! Our speed boats are equipped with First Aid, Oxygen kit and life jackets, keeping divers’ and non divers’ safety as our main priority.

The most popular dive sites in the East Coast are just 5-10 minutes away. There are 2 ways to get into the water: 1. We park the boat in front of the shop and load everything on it then put it into the water and the guests will follow us to the harbor or just jump into the service pickup and go there altogether 2. If the boat is already in the water, we load everything in the service pick up and unload them to the boat waiting at the port. The advantage of these routines? Divers need not feel cold and wet before they start diving.

After diving, sandwiches, pizza, soda, coffee and/ or tea awaits the divers at the dive center.